Madam GLAM!

            Good Morning to all my lovely subbies! Today, I am writing a review to tell you guys about this amazing Madam Glam Gel Soak Off Nail Polish kit I received a few weeks ago. Let me start off this review by saying that this is my FIRST experience with gel nail polish EVER! When I first received this package I was so excited to test the products out because it came equip with this beautiful color I had been eyeing on there website called Games People Play, as well as a base coat, top coat, and this cute led light setup.

           My first experience with this product was all WRONG. Mainly because I didn't read the instructions and I ended up getting the nail polish everywhere. However, after reading the instructions and playing with the nail polish for a few days I was able to get the professional look I wanted. My first mistake was thinking that once the timer shut off on the LED light my nails were dry... I was wrong. I noticed on the back of each bottle of polish it clearly states to keep nails under the light for about 2 minutes. I was also applying the polish too thick because I was treating it as normal polish. So here are the steps I took to get the salon look without having to leave my house.

1. File nails to desired shaped, make sure you push back your cuticle and remove any hang nails.

2. Apply a thin layer of the Madam Glam Soak Off Base Gel, then place your hand under the LED light for 3-4 minutes. Although the directions say 2 minutes I wanted to make sure the application was completely dry and smooth because I tend to be slightly heavy handed.

3. I applied a thin layer of my favorite color Games People Play, the nail polish is thick so one layer should cover your entire nail. I let that dry under the LED light for about 3 minutes before applying the second layer. I let the second layer of polish dry for about 4 minutes. Try to be as neat as possible, remove all excess nail polish before placing it under the light to dry.

4. Lastly I applied the Soak Off No Wipe Top Gel coat I allowed that to dry for about 4-5 minutes to get my salon quality results.

To check out more products from Madam Glam go to their website at They have a wide range of different gel polish, nail polish, make-up, and they also have kits available that include the LED light.

Sasha Tania