Last month, I received a package from TreLuxe to try out their natural hair products. TreLuxe is a premium hair care product line used to nourish and style naturally textured hair. I always get excited to try new products especially when the fragrance catches my attention and every product from this line smells amazing! It’s light, luxurious, and clean!

Untie the Knot Leave-in conditioner is my favorite scent from the entire collection that was sent to me. It smells like fall! Like lightly baked cinnamon with a hint of brown sugar. The scent is just so warm and inviting. However, if you’re not really big on scented products, it’s cool because the smell doesn’t linger for more than a few hours. The packaging is another huge plus for me as it comes in a pump bottle!  Untie the Knot is a light and creamy leave in conditioner that instantly smooths, detangles and softens hair. It glides right into my hair because it absorbs so quickly.  I usually use a Denman brush to detangle my hair because it is extremely thick, but Untie the Knot allows me to use my wide tail comb (and my fingers in some areas) without worrying about missing any tangles. The key ingredients found in Untie the Knot are aloe leaf juice, coconut milk, and broccoli seed oil.

Reflex curl styling serum is a gel like serum. I think this product is perfect for wash-and go’s for people with naturally curly/wavy hair, simply because this product does not create curls but enhances and elongates the natural curl pattern without disrupting it. Reflex provides a light hold while giving definition. I usually use this product on my crown and my baby hair which are my areas that are finer and tend to have more of a looser curl pattern.  I like hair gels but not to the point where I could use them every day. This product I could actually use every day. I love this serum because it doesn’t look or feel like a gel, but acts as such. I get a decent frizz free hold without having to use too much and I don’t have to worry about breaking the “cast” because it allows my hair to still be flexible. It doesn’t stick to my fingers, or make my hands/hair sticky which is definitely a plus! I also love the fact that it is a buildable product which means I can apply oils or serums over it without having to worry about flaking because the gel is light. The key ingredients found in Reflex are aloe leaf juice, coconut water, and grape seed extract.

Hi! Definition curl enhancer, I was a little unsure about this product when I first tried it, but only because my hair was damp. Your hair has to be soaking wet to fully absorb the product. So I made my second attempt today and I must say my results have drastically improved. Hi! Definition is now one my favorite product from the line. When applied properly Hi! Definition instantly defines curls/coils and in certain sections of my hair it created a little something out of absolutely nothing! The gel is perfect for frizz control, especially with this crazy summer weather we’re getting in Florida. The gel consistency is slightly thicker than flaxseed gel, it isn’t sticky at all, and a little goes a long way. I tried this product on a twist out using about a quarter sized amount on each twist. If you use too much it will create a gel “cast”, but it can easily be broken with a little oil and shaking out the hair. This product also makes separating curls a breeze, as soon as I unraveled my twist my curls separated so perfectly. Key ingredients found in Hi! Definition are avocado extract, honey extract, sage extract. For a gel it has a lot of moisturizing ingredients.

Curl Supreme styling crème is truly my absolute favorite from TreLuxe which is why I’m not writing a review. Instead I will be doing a video demo this month on my YouTube channel @ SASHATANIA so you can actually see the moisturizing effects of this product. Also stay tuned for giveaway on my channel from TreLuxe! You must be following TreLuxe and I via Instagram and you must be subscribed to my YouTube channel. The giveaway will take place this month! To learn more about TreLuxe products check out their website at

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The photos above were taken a few hours after I unraveled my twist. I left my twists in for two days. First I applied Untie the Knot throughout my entire head, then a sprinkle of coconut oil. On the left side of my hair I used Reflex, and on the right side I used Hi! Definition. Excuse the little frizz, I took one of those accidentally naps and forgot my scarf.

Sasha Tania