Sarah Faith Organics

         In December I received two products from Sarah Faith Organics, I was sent the Miracle Maker Smooth and Twist Delight as well as their Happy Scalp Revitalizing Growth Oil.
        I'll start with my favorite product, I absolutely love Happy Scalp. The product has a light peppermint scent that does not linger. The oil is semi-thick and it works well as a sealant, hot oil treatment, pre-poo and it is also great for scalp massages. I usually use this oil before bed and massage it into my scalp for a few minutes. This oil helps add to moisture my dry scalp and ends especially during these dry winter months. I have less dandruff, and the product leaves my hair shiny. A little goes a long way. This product works great with other products as well without weighing my hair down. I also tried this product on my dad's dry hair, and bald spots. He loved the oil so much he asked me to order him a bottle!
         As far as the Miracle Maker, I could not wait to try this product because it smells like ginger. I love the smell of sweet ginger, however,  I think this product works better with looser curls, I have tried this product on my hair and my niece's (she has 3b/3c hair). When I first applied this product to clean, wet hair it went on very smooth, and I felt like it was moisturizing my hair... until it dried. It felt like I had not put anything in my hair at all. It was not dry, but it definitely was not moisturized. It was a different story when I applied it to my niece's hair. Her hair felt moisturized and soft because lighter products work better in her hair. Miracle Maker helped control her frizz and tamed her curls without having to actually twist her hair.
          Happy Scalp is definitely a new staple in my nighttime routine and my wash day routine when my hair is feeling dry.

If you have any questions about the products above feel free to email: You can purchase Sarah Faith Organics products at (website coming soon) in the meantime you can also check out their Instagram page @sarahfaithorganics. They have more products available to try.

Sasha Tania