Naturel Lyfe

Last week I was sent Liquid African Black Soap from Naturel Lyfe. This product can be used for eczema, acne, makeup removal, shampooing hair, and deep cleaning skin. So far I have only used this product on my face for my acne prone skin. Within my first few days of using this product I noticed that it immediately dried up my white heads, and pimples caused by my menstrual cycle (when my skin tends to breakout). My skin felt squeaky clean, but it wasn't dry at all! I use three dabs of the soap and apply it to my facial pad (shown below) I scrub for skin for 30 seconds to a minute using this product. I wash my face twice a day. After my first two days of using the Liquid African Black Soap my problem areas either had a reduction in the size of the bumps or it had completely dried up and peeled away! It's a wonderful product and totally inexpensive! Only $7!
You can purchase Naturel Lyfe Liquid African Black Soap at where they also have other products available. They are very reasonably priced!

Sasha Tania