Fro Butter

Last week I received this AMAZING Fro Butter with Emu Oil for Hair Growth. After just three uses this has been added to my list of winter staples. This hair butter adds moisture, shine, and makes detangling a breeze. I use this product as a day time sealant on wet or dry hair. Fro Butter is especially great when your old twist outs need LIFE. This product gave my hair all the moisture it needed! I expected this butter to be so thick when I first got it, but it wasn't, it was exactly what my hair needed. Plus it works well with other products. I used this product along with my Sarah Faith Organics Happy Scalp and my hair did not feel greasy or weighed down. My grandmother also uses this product for her short cut, she loves the moisture that Fro Butter gives her and she even asked me to order a few for her. I've never been a fan of the scent of Emu Oil, but the Fro Butter scent is light and doesn't bother me at all!

          I used Fro Butter with Emu Oil at my most recent photo shoot. The photos above are from the day I twisted my hair using the Fro Butter and two days later when I took my twist out. My hair was so shiny and moisturized. Even after my hair was manipulated for the shoot my hair still had little to no frizz! It was as though my hair had not even been touched! Fro Butter also comes in Fro Butter Baby, Peppermint Oil, and Jamaican Black Castor Oil. To purchase Fro Butter products visit their products are also sold on Fro Butter is truly a must have! You can also order trial sizes to pick the right one for your hair.

Sasha Tania