The Mane Choice Hair Solution

        Last week, I was sent The Mane Choice Green Tea & Carrot Deep Conditioning Mask and the Manetabolism Healthy Hair Vitamin. When I first received the products I was so excited to try them, considering all of the great things I've heard about their products. I have been using the Manetabolism vitamins for a week now, and I cannot wait to see my hair growth results when I finish my first bottle. I have been increasing the amount of water I drink daily and I have been trying to remain consistent with the vitamins (because I am as forgetful as they come). I'll try and update every two weeks with my progress as far the vitamins go. So far I haven't had any issues with the product causing breakouts on my skin, which is good because I'm no longer hesitant on taking two vitamins a day.

      Now, The Mane Choice Green Tea & Carrot Deep Conditioning Mask is well worth the price. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first, because I had read reviews saying the product did not provide enough slip which is not true at all... well at least not for me. Before I used this product I clarified my hair by washing it with Aztec Secret Bentonite Clay and Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, and then I applied the deep conditioner. This product had so much slip compared to other products I have tried that I did not need to use my brush to detangle, I felt like my hair had detangled on its own. I left the product in for about an hour with a plastic cap and towel, then I rinsed with cool water. Honestly, my hair was so soft and defined I did not want to rinse at all! So I rinsed about 80% of the conditioner out, and then twisted my hair up. I noticed that with this product I still had slip even when I rinsed it out, detangling out of the shower was a breeze, my hair was moisturized, I had a lot less shedding, and my hair was a little shiner than it was before. This product pretty much lives up to its hype.

( after using the deep conditioner)
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Sasha Tania