Defining Curls with Camille Rose Naturals NEW Curl Maker

On September 20th Camille Rose Naturals had a launch party for the improved formula for the Curl Maker. I was asked to do a review of the product, although I did not see anything wrong with the original formula. My curls love this product, the old formula and the new one. Honestly, their products can do no wrong when it comes to defining and moisturizing curls. At first, I did not understand why the formula needed to be improved. I thought the original formula did wonders for curls in terms of definition and hold, but when I tried the new formula... Let me just say my hair was in heaven. I first tried the product on an old twist out just to see if there was any difference at all. I used a spray bottle that had a mixture of water, coconut oil, and olive oil. I lightly sprayed the front of my hair and applied the new product. I did not have to tease my hair at all. The curls formed instantly which was the same results I received from the original formula, then I let the area I tested air dry and well... I can definitely tell the difference between old and new. My curls were so soft, with a stronger hold. For second I thought I was playing myself because it did not seem like my real curls. My results amazed me so much I hopped in the shower, washed my hair and applied the product to my whole head. After I completed the application process I was almost tempted to try a wash and go, but I twisted my hair up just in case of frizz. The original did make my hair soft, but as soft as the new formula and I did not need to apply as much. This product provides a great hold, while defining and moisturizing curls. CRUNCH FREE. The product even helped my stringy curls in the front of my hair feel a little fuller. It was not dull or flat. I had plenty of bounce and flow all throughout my mane! If you haven't already tried the product, I suggest you do. Camille Rose Naturals products can be found in Whole Foods, Ricky's, and Target. This product works best with the Curl Love Moisture Milk or you can use it by itself. To get the best results make sure your hair is soaking wet.

 To find out more information on the Curl Maker and other Camille Rose Naturals products check out their website . I promise you will not be disappointed. Their products have become apart of my weekly routine.

Sasha Tania