The Bitter Melon: Cerasee

              I have been on an acne clearing journey since my freshman year of high school. If you've kept up with my most recent post you know that I have been on an infused water diet for 50 days now... minus the two times I cheated. I did get some minor acne from my cheat days, but I could not resist poking at my skin. I turned my minor acne into a major issue and I wanted relief fast. My grandmother recently picked up a box of Cerasee tea from our local Caribbean grocery store and told me that Cerasee is used as a blood cleanser and could help with my acne. In my excitement I made a cup as soon as I got home, and it was BITTER. The taste of Cerasee is similar to Aloe. I drank the tea anyway in hope of immediate relief, but of course healing acne takes time. SO I drank two cups a day for five days with honey, while still remaining consistent with my water diet.

              Cerasee, scientifically known as Momordica Charantia is a great herb for blood and body cleansing. Cerasee provides vitamins A and C, alkaloids, iron, and phosphorous. Making this herb ideal for detoxing the body. Cerasee is used in many cultures as a folk medicine and is often used for diabetes, malaria, worms, colds, hypertension, acne, abdominal pain, menstrual cramps, and can also be used to treat urinary tract infections. Cerasee can steamed, boiled, or applied directly to skin. If the taste is too bitter I suggest applying it to your skin directly as a face mask.
                 When using Cerasee as a mask I boiled the tea bag, I then removed the herb from the bag and blended it with a slice of avocado, and honey. I applied the mix to clean skin and left it on for twenty minutes, you can also leave it on overnight. I remove the mask with a clean, warm wash cloth and then pat my face with cold water. The mask aids in skin problems like acne, and common skin rashes. Once you rinse the mask from your skin you will notice that your skin will have a more natural glow, reduced redness, and due to the honey and avocado your skin will also feel moisturized.

Sasha Tania