Love YOUR Natural Hair

The first step in loving your natural hair is understanding that not everyone's hair is the same. Curl patterns differ. Find what works for your natural hair, and embrace the beauty that is given to you. The products one person uses may not work for everyone. My girls and I all have different hair textures, and we have all tried to achieve similar looks, but it never worked out.

  Alycia's (first picture) hair texture is a 3C. The products she usually uses is Carol's Daughter, particularly the Hair Milk and Curls leave - in conditioner. Although her natural hair texture is curly she usually does twist-outs and fluffs out her hair.

Sasha's (second picture, me) is a 3C in some areas, but mainly a very thick 4A/4B. I usually do twist-outs because I have problem areas that tend to dry straight in the front due to heat damage. I use a mixture of products which can be seen in my first post.

Bee's ( last picture) is 3C/4A. She uses Desert Essence Tea Tree Replenishing conditioner as a leave in, and then applies olive oil after her hair dries. Usually Bee does a wash n go, and diffuses her hair.

      One thing that remains similar in our hair techniques is co-washing. Everyone's hair reacts differently to certain products.We rarely use shampoo.

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Sasha Tania